Know Your Number

Working seamlessly with our on-site solution, SmartPump Cashier, c-store owners can trust in the accuracy and security of the concurrent data, allowing for safe payments and greater inventory control.


Synchronizes your on-site applications and systems with pump and shelf specific data so that c-store owners can more effectively manage their stores and maximize time and profitability.


Provides c-store owners with unprecedented views and insights into their customers’ preferences and behaviors by securely tracking fuel and food service purchases, including time of day, grade of gas and items purchased in-store.

Skyrocket your profits and productivity with SmartPump Cloud

Maximize your profits with our Data Analytics

SmartPump Cloud gives you clear, detailed data and real time reports that you can access remotely from desktop or smartphone.

Save time and resource on the inventory management

No matter how large your store's inventory, SmartPump Cloud's intelligent automated inventory management tools will save you hours, and help you avoid any errors.